Feb 7, 2012

That which you own owns you.

I'm Ari I like life and I try to live it well. I married my husband just two months after we started dating and life with him has been an adventure ever since. I have three sweet kids. Miles is 6 1/2 and is scary smart. Issac is almost 5 and LOVES intensely. Abeni is two and a half and she is very determined. We love adventures and laughter.

Lately I have been so unimpressed with all the stuff that surrounds me. It seems we live in a world of more, more, more, is better! I am surrounded by things. One day I was cruising the Internet (ahhh pinterest I love you) and I came a phrase; "That which you own owns you." Seriously those little words changed my life! I don't want things to own me or my life. I want to live my life on my terms and in my own way. So I waited a year cause I'm a procrastinator preparing to get started. Now however I am ready to tackle my "stuff" habit head on. I am determined to have less and do more with my less. I don't want stuff to own me. To quote The Father of The Bride, "George Banks Ari M is saying NO!"


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